Collection: Return of the Sleepwalker

In collaboration with Daniel Woods, Hunter is bringing you a new shirt and print with artwork that features Daniel on his FA of America's first V17, Return of the Sleepwalker.

Black pocketed tees come screen printed on front and back with the option to have them custom dyed. 

Limited Edition package also available featuring an embroidered shirt (with the option to dye), hand signed (by Daniel and Hunter) art print and holographic stickers...only 51 made! 

If you are choosing to have your shirt dyed please be aware that all shirts are hand dyed by Hunter in his tiny studio, so depending on sales it could take anywhere from 1 week to 3 months to receive your custom dye/package...first come, first serve. Also due to the high quantity of shirts I can't accept dye color requests, all dyes are dyer's choice or dye same color as print...don't worry they will all be dope! Huge thanks for the support and patience!